Win Gevalia Coffee

13 Oct

I love Coffee! Growing up I hated it. I never drank it until last year. But for some reason I concocted my idea of what coffee would taste like.  I thought it would be bitter, and nasty, mostly because of the smell, and tasting plain coffee with no sugar. I drank it last year for the first after I got a sample of Green Mountain Coffee. It was soooo good! I cannot believe I was missing! Yummm! I will definitely have to order from their site when I get some cash on me!!  But I have been a fan ever since.  Anyway Gevalia  is another brand  I have been hearing about, mostly from their magazine ads. Of course I have never tried if course. But their exotic name makes me want to just to see what their coffee taste like.  They are sponsoring some blog giveaways.

Susan Heim on Parenting Ends Oct 16

Tammy’s Two Cents Ends Oct 19


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