Win a Macy’s Gift Card (giveaways)

30 Oct

I love Macy’s! It’s one of my favorite Department stores, and I always go there every time I’m at the mall. I especially love the clearance shoe section (where a shoe might have a $56 price tag on it, but go ring it up and its $13.46!   I also love going there to get me some perfume, since they always have some type of deal going on so I can get a set for the same price as the retail price of the perfume alone! Now that is a deal.  Macy’s now has an IMPULSE department, where they have all the hottest trendiest clothes for the season. They are giving away many gift cards to promote their new department in collaboration with some great blogs that I read. I will be listing them here, so you can enter too.  Most of them are $50 gift cards, for the ones that are not, I will let you all know.


The Fashionable Bambino Ends Oct 31

Simply Being Mommy Ends Nov 1, 2010

Jabbering Jessi Ends Nov 2, 2010

The Devine Miss Mommy Ends Nov 14, 2010


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