Need a Humidifier

4 Nov

Aaaaahhhhhhhh! My humidifier just broke this morning. I usually fill it with hot water so I can use it to warm my freezing basement, but I guess that was a HUGE mistake. And this time the water was hotter than usual and cracked the humidifier! So its no longer useful. Of course I checked online for some and they are about $40. But thank goodness, I saw some giveaways for humidifier so I thought I would give those a try, and if that doesnt work I will buy one.  Below are some blogs giving them away

Survey Junkie is giving away a Crane humifier in the winner’s choice.  It is a cool mist .9 gallon water capacity. Ends November 10th at 11:59 pm est

Confessions of an Overworked Mom is also giving away a Crane humifier. What I learned on her site is that these have an automatic shutoff. Ends 11/6

Two Classy Chics is also giving away a Crane Humidifier with an animal look. Giveaway ends 11/10


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