Domino’s Giveaways!

17 Nov

I love pizza! My family orders it about twice a week (Bad, I know, I will be working on that.) and we all dig in and eat till we are full. We usually order Domino’s Pizza  Because it has some of the cheapest prices out there. Of course we always make sure to order the ham and pineapples, for your’s truly. It’s my favorite, and the sweet and the sour flavors of the pineapple, mmmmm!!!!! Lol!  They always seem to have a deal too, so that makes it more tempting, along with those coupons they send out.   Domino’s now has a Tracker, which sends a sound signal letting you know the status of your order. You can check online after you order your pizza either through phone or online.   Domino’s is doing promotions giving away $20 gift cards  with the help of blogs to spread out the word about the Tracker. I will be listing some of them here, so you can check them out!  Ends 11/24

CrAzY Working Mom  Ends 11/30

Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife  Ends 11/27

The Not So Blog Ends 11/29

Thrifty & Chic Mom Ends 11/25

Mom~E~Centric Ends 11/19

Midday Escapes  Ends 11/19


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