77Kids Holiday Charity Giveaways

22 Nov

The store 77Kids is doing something I find so admirable. They are giving away money in donation to several children hospitals by raising money online and in stores. While you are at their store you can give as little as 77 cents to your local children’s hospital. And online you can go on their “Wish For Snow” microsite and design a snowflake. This takes no time at all so please go do it. They are hoping to reach a goal of 100,000 snowflakes. And when or if  they reach that, they will add $25,000 to the children’s hospital with the highest donations. To raise awareness to their campaign they are collaborating with some blogs to giveaway gift cards, usually $50. I will be listing the blogs and sites they collaborate with here, and if the giveaway amount is different from $50, I will let you know.

The Dayton Time Ends Dec 6*

Still on The Verge Ends Dec 6

I Am That Lady End Nov 28*

Jen Spends Ends dec 3*

Minnesota’s Mama’s Must Haves 12/1

Moomette’s Magnificents 12/5

Faith And Family Reviews 12/6

A Couch With A View  12/6

Cnymamas 12/3

* means you can get extra entries by making more snowflakes


One Response to “77Kids Holiday Charity Giveaways”

  1. pamela December 5, 2010 at 12:22 AM #

    you are also entered to win a $77 gift card for each snowflake you make. that’s not anything to do with any of our blogs, 77kids is doing that all on their lonesome. nice fellas, those guys.

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