Giveaways @ the Cartoon Lovin’ Momma

26 Nov

One thing that I have always wanted was  The Slanket or any blanket with sleeves. I usually have a blanket on my at home because of the cold temperature. And I put it on the way a slanket would go on my body, but backwards. But of course I have never had a slanket.  Mostly because of the cost. That is why I HAD to enter the Cartoon Lovin’ Momma’s Slanket giveaway. It ends on the 11/27

I have a straightener but no curling iron. The  Cartoon Lovin’ Momma is giving away a Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron from the Flat Iron Experts  . I hope I win. It will make my hair tool set more complete.

The  Cartoon Lovin’ Momma is also giving away some cool gifts from Greenleaf Gifts. One of her readers  will win a Frosty Aroma Décor Diffuser and scented Aroma Décor Diffuser Oil.


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