Crocs Tone @ Mom Spark

1 Mar

A couple of years ago if you even were to whisper the word Crocs to me, I would have screeched out “Ewwwwwwwww, those shoes are soo000 ugly.” I would faint just to fathom my feet in those bulky, hideous shoes. It looks like something goblins and gremlins should be wearing. Not a 23-year-old, self-proclaimed fashionista like myself. I wouldn’t even go out without checking in the mirror first. So wearing these clogs would be out of the question. But a year ago, I actually had a change of mind. I saw some girl wearing the cutest shoes, and to my surprise they were Crocs.  They were not the repulsive clogs, but sandals.  They have MANY shoes now that are nowhere near ugly. In fact my dream shoe is their Berryessa boots. They are so cute and looks like they would be great for the winter.  Now Crocs have a new line Called Crocs Tone, which tones your upper and lower legs as you walk around. The blog Mom Spark is giving one away so go ahead and enter to win one. Ends March 8.


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