Is there such thing as being addicted to Starbucks?

7 Apr

Starbucks is driving me broke. And I am not exactly Kim Kardashian in the money department either.   I can’t go through a  couple days without going to that hipster coffee shop.  I have been to other coffee shops, but I love their atmosphere. The calming music, cool people walking in and out, also the smell of coffee is quite enticing, almost toxic–in a good way. Even their staff are great. They gave a  great spirit and are always friendly, with the exception of one grouch at my local, but even she’s funny at times. Starbucks just seems to have a sophisticated air. I love their wireless internet. I can go there and use the computer or do whatever without being interrupted or distracted by others.  God they’re good!  They have component just right.  And the drinks of course are delicious! I think their drinks have more coffee  flavor than many competitors, and sometimes I need that.  I am here right now drinking a $5 drink and I could have spent it on something else.  But seeing everyone else with a drink while I was sitting around here made me yearn for one too.   HELLLLLLLLLLLP MEEE!  I need to look for cheaper drinks on their menu. I am trying to live a frugal lifestyle and look what happens.  I hope Groupon does a Starbucks deal sometime soon because I need all the gift cards I need to keep up with this habit.

Oh, you sneaky woman. You must be a serpent! After all my name is EVE. Lol!

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