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I have a new blog!!!

9 Jun

These days I have been trying my best  to save as much money as possible and use more coupons. I have started a blog called ConfrugalConfrugal is a place where I post deals and talk about my journey of becoming a hardcore couponer.  Please come over and join me.  I would love for you to follow me on facebook as well.  See you there.

Products I will not go cheap, or generic on. Brands I won’t Compromise on

8 Apr

We all love to save money. But even I, who have been dubbed a “cheapskate” by many for my refusal to buy anything full price, will  not buy some things unless they are of a certain brand.  Also this is not expensive to do since I have come to the realization that when using coupons its cheaper to buy the brand name anyway.   So I don’t look much at generic brands as much as I use to when I didn’t know any better.

Dish washing soaps – Dawn or Palmolive for me! The others are not as concentrated.

Laundry Detergent – Tide all the way. Many of the generic I tried are less concentrated. Even the once that claimed there were “2x” or “3x” in concentration.

Body soaps – Dove, Caress, and Olay. The others are not as moisturizing, more like hand washing soap.

Wipes – I don’t have a baby but I use it for my face and will not buy generic brands for that. Only Huggies or Pampers

Barbeque sauces – The generic ones are always too sweet to me. yuck! I like Kraft and KC Masterpiece.

Frozen Pizza- Either Digiorno, or Freschetta

Garbage bags: Nothing compares to Glad  and Hefty. I have tried generic and they ripped before I walked out the door and had a big mess to clean up.

Deodorant – I tried the generic versions and lets just say I didn’t lift up my arm past  12:00 PM. Lol!!! I love Secret, Lady’s Speed Stick and Degree.

Mascara- Those cheap dollar store no name brands just don’t work. For drugstore Maybelline is almost always great.

Paper towels –  Bounty and Brawny for me. the others are too thin

Electronics: I will not spend money on laptops, tv, printers or other electronics unless its a name I have heard of before and KNOW it has a good reputation, no matter how cheap it is.

Toilet paper – I’m not even  going to tell you the stories. Yuck!  But I stick to Charmin.

Mayonnaise Kraft or Miracle Whip.  The other brands just don’t look –or taste right.

Black tea – Only Lipton or Tetly. Drink the generic, and you might be asking where the tea flavor went.

Is there such thing as being addicted to Starbucks?

7 Apr

Starbucks is driving me broke. And I am not exactly Kim Kardashian in the money department either.   I can’t go through a  couple days without going to that hipster coffee shop.  I have been to other coffee shops, but I love their atmosphere. The calming music, cool people walking in and out, also the smell of coffee is quite enticing, almost toxic–in a good way. Even their staff are great. They gave a  great spirit and are always friendly, with the exception of one grouch at my local, but even she’s funny at times. Starbucks just seems to have a sophisticated air. I love their wireless internet. I can go there and use the computer or do whatever without being interrupted or distracted by others.  God they’re good!  They have component just right.  And the drinks of course are delicious! I think their drinks have more coffee  flavor than many competitors, and sometimes I need that.  I am here right now drinking a $5 drink and I could have spent it on something else.  But seeing everyone else with a drink while I was sitting around here made me yearn for one too.   HELLLLLLLLLLLP MEEE!  I need to look for cheaper drinks on their menu. I am trying to live a frugal lifestyle and look what happens.  I hope Groupon does a Starbucks deal sometime soon because I need all the gift cards I need to keep up with this habit.

Oh, you sneaky woman. You must be a serpent! After all my name is EVE. Lol!

I Finally Visited Chili’s

6 Apr

In many of my Chili’s giveaway entries, I said that I had not been to Chili’s before. Well that all changed on March 25th when I decided go and check out this restaurant to use the gift cards I earned from the blogs Energizer Bunny’s Mommy Reports and  The Thrifty Maven.  The bill ended up being $25 and some change, so both were needed. I went with  one of my girlfriends and didn’t know what to expect.  She had been there before so I was the who was new to this restaurant but I ended up really loving it.  I didn’t print out the chips and queso coupon that was in my email (big mistake). I wish I had because, I have heard and read so many raves on it. I got the Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas and my friend got a Shiner Burger.  Her food looked good, although I thought the portion of fries given to her were small. There was about 10 fries, lol.  That was to be expected because I have noticed that in blog reviews of Chili’s food. She was able to finish all her meal in one sitting. I, on the other hand couldn’t even finish the whole thing, or even half. I took the rest home and ate it for dinner.  I just reheated it in my toaster oven and it was great! I really enjoyed my meal.

The service was also superb. Our waitress was great! She  came to our table at least 5 times to check on us. And she refilled our drink three times she was very attentive. I amazed because I have never received that type of service before.

I enjoyed my first time at Chili’s and cant wait to go again! I don’t have a camera, but I couldn’t leave you guys seeing this post with no pictures, so I just took them from the Chili’s website. They are better than nothing, but I really need a camera.

Pictures taken from

Pictures taken from Chili’s Website


21 Mar

I have changed the layout of my blog, and will change a  more things as well as I get closer to my 24th birthday on April 28th.   I wanted to make that my deadline to change my blog to its original intentions, which was for personal and giveaway entry purposes.   That is why I have added a “Personal” category to the blog. That will be the place where all my personal posts will go.   I  have  also separated giveaway posts that will be a for blog giveaway entries, from my own reviews and giveaways, although the Domino’s Pizza  giveaway was the only one I have had so far. I am trying to decide on whether I should change my blog’s landing page.