Products I will not go cheap, or generic on. Brands I won’t Compromise on

8 Apr

We all love to save money. But even I, who have been dubbed a “cheapskate” by many for my refusal to buy anything full price, will  not buy some things unless they are of a certain brand.  Also this is not expensive to do since I have come to the realization that when using coupons its cheaper to buy the brand name anyway.   So I don’t look much at generic brands as much as I use to when I didn’t know any better.

Dish washing soaps – Dawn or Palmolive for me! The others are not as concentrated.

Laundry Detergent – Tide all the way. Many of the generic I tried are less concentrated. Even the once that claimed there were “2x” or “3x” in concentration.

Body soaps – Dove, Caress, and Olay. The others are not as moisturizing, more like hand washing soap.

Wipes – I don’t have a baby but I use it for my face and will not buy generic brands for that. Only Huggies or Pampers

Barbeque sauces – The generic ones are always too sweet to me. yuck! I like Kraft and KC Masterpiece.

Frozen Pizza- Either Digiorno, or Freschetta

Garbage bags: Nothing compares to Glad  and Hefty. I have tried generic and they ripped before I walked out the door and had a big mess to clean up.

Deodorant – I tried the generic versions and lets just say I didn’t lift up my arm past  12:00 PM. Lol!!! I love Secret, Lady’s Speed Stick and Degree.

Mascara- Those cheap dollar store no name brands just don’t work. For drugstore Maybelline is almost always great.

Paper towels –  Bounty and Brawny for me. the others are too thin

Electronics: I will not spend money on laptops, tv, printers or other electronics unless its a name I have heard of before and KNOW it has a good reputation, no matter how cheap it is.

Toilet paper – I’m not even  going to tell you the stories. Yuck!  But I stick to Charmin.

Mayonnaise Kraft or Miracle Whip.  The other brands just don’t look –or taste right.

Black tea – Only Lipton or Tetly. Drink the generic, and you might be asking where the tea flavor went.

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